Part Ⅰ:E-commerce websites电商网站
A: What do you think of this E-trading website? I think we can get some good deals, Mary.玛丽,你觉得这家网购网站怎么样?我觉得咱们能淘到便宜的好货。
B: Maybe. But what if someone cheats us?可能吧,不过要是有人骗咱们怎么办?
A: We just need to find sellers with good ratings.咱们只光顾好评多的卖家就不会受骗。
B: That makes sense.有道理。
A: I like this website, because they deliver goods in one day.我喜欢这个网站,因为他们24小时内就发货。
1.get a good deal (on sth.)低价买入(某物)
www.f28.net_【官方首页】-凤凰彩票例:I got a really good deal on my new camera.我新买的这部相机价格很便宜。
2.sellers with good ratings好评多的卖家
3.deliver goods in one day24小时内发货
Part Ⅱ:Categories of goods商品种类
A: Do you think we should buy a laptop online, Kenneth?肯尼思,你说咱们是不是可以网购一台笔记本电脑?
B: I don’t think so. I want to try the laptop before I buy it. That’s one kind of item I won’t buy online.我觉得不好,买之前我希望亲手试用,所以我不会网上购买电脑类产品。
one kind of item sb. won’t buy online某人不会网购的产品
Part Ⅲ:Buying goods购买商品
A: John, how do I order the items I want on this site? I clicked on them, but I can’t find them now.约翰,我在这个网站选好了商品,怎么下单呢?我点了商品,但是现在找不到了。
B: Just click this button marked “Shopping Cart”. Then you can see your items and buy them.点击“购物车”,就能看到你拍下的商品进行购买了。
A: Oh, thank you!哦,多谢!
1.click on(用鼠标)点击
2.Shopping Cart购物车
Part Ⅳ:Placing orders下订单
A: Phil, don’t forget to order a birthday cake for Sam.菲尔,别忘了给山姆订一个生日蛋糕。
B: Oh, right. I need to order online two days in advance, right?哦,对。我需要提前两天网上预订,对吧?
A: Exactly. His birthday is on Friday.没错。他周五过生日。
days/weeks/months in advance几天/数周/数月前
www.f28.net_【官方首页】-凤凰彩票例:The tours are often booked months in advance.去旅游常常需要提前数月预订。